Generally speaking, premium domain names can start from $500 and go as high as 8 figures. The size of your business’s industry and the marketability of the domain name are two primary price determinants.

If you are a new business and looking to only service a local market then in most cases you should be able to buy a premium domain name for under $1,800. For an established but small business looking to expand its market globally, I would recommend budgeting between $2,500 to $15,000. Unless you really want to conquer the net you should be able to find a good domain name within this price range. However; if you want to conquer the net then you will most likely need to dig into your pockets deep because prices will be well over $100,000 for category killing domains.

Tip: Always check a domain name registrar first to see if the domain name you want is already available. You never know, you might get lucky and end up only having to shell out $15. 

Upon hearing this most people freak out but then think very little of spending at least $6,000 per year in leasing a store or office space in a mediocre part of town with limited market exposure.An investment in a domain is a one-time transaction and its market is only restricted to the ambition of its owner and the resources they have available (typical of every business.) Ongoing cost to keep the name is a minuscule, usually between $15 to $35 per year. Furthermore, as the domain is developed and acquires traffic and business revenue its value increases. Usual price is between 3 to 5 times annual earnings, perhaps more depending on sales growth. This is very similar to selling a traditional brick and mortar business.

Mobile Data Analogy/Comparison:

Mobile Data is something most business owners invest in and usually costs between $35 to $140 a month. Annually, that works out to being between $420 to $1,680 per year. 

Hopefully, this helps give you an idea of the market and if you have any questions by all means please let me know.

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