Likelihood of Confusion: Everything You Need to Know

What is Likelihood of Confusion? Likelihood of confusion is a part of a proving trademark infringement. It means that the public is likely to confuse your mark and the mark of another business. Trademarks are a valuable business tool. They brand your products and help to grow your name. If another business uses your mark unfairly, it can cause you […]

FAQs for Registrants: Transferring Your Domain Name

If I registered a domain name through one registrar, am I allowed to switch to a different registrar?Yes, it is your right to transfer your domain name registrations between registrars. Click here for more information on Transferring Your Domain Name. How do I transfer my domain name to a new registrar?If you wish to move your domain name […]

Recent One Word .com Domain Name Sales specializes in the sale of .com domain names, with a focus on valuable one word .com domain names. Exceptional one word .com domain names can be used as brands or they can complement a brand name. For instance, is a meaningful brand name that utilizes the domain name within its branding, while Apple is […]

How much are domain names really worth?

Domain names like,, and are very expensive and have been bought by my Chinese friends for millions, even for tens of millions of dollars. – Yue Dai, “Meet Yue Dai, the man who owns the most two-letter .com domains” – April 2020

Buckley Media – Domains For Sale

Define Your Brand: Premium Domains for Sale​Inquiries: Make an Offer | Request an Appraisal (+​ (+ IG social handle)​ (+​​​​ (+ Trademark)​​​​​​​​​​ (+​ +​​ (+ TM + Socials)​​​…and many more Yes I Want to Dominate My Industry with a Global Dotcom WHEN PEOPLE SEE A GREAT DOMAIN NAME LIKE…CALM.COM, THIS INSPIRES PEOPLE […]

Marketing ROI, what it is, and how to use it.

One of the most important components of a marketing campaign is to evaluate its performance and impact and profit so that it can be determined whether or not your marketing efforts are actually helping the company. The insights gained through the process can be used to drive future, data-driven strategies for smarter decision-making. Let’s explore […]